Reality… Is reality. What that means is much deeper than those three words. It means that EVERYTHING, including what I am writing here and what you are reading here is part of the big picture… Reality is EVERYTHING in this dimension, the only dimension our minds can perceive, and I call it “HERE”. Everything else, which can only be perceived by our hearts, feelings, or the “sixth sense” is “THERE”. We all provide the input from “here” into “there” so that “there” can create the reality “here”…

As we all know every human being is a whole universe and as such everything they perceive is “custom fitted” by their mind to fit their universe.

Case in point: Some of the reactions I got from people to the Healing Olive idea: “Great and courageous…” “Who do you thing you are? God?…” “So I heard in your video that after the first thousand you will be charging $100 each…” “Looks to me that you sinned so much in your life that you are trying to make up for it with the Healing Olive…” You get the point…

And here is what I really want to communicate to you: The way I presented the Healing Olive AUTOMATICALLY attracted a certain type of people, (great people with big hearts…) and pushed away others… Everything goes to where it came from; if it came from the heart, it will go to the heart. If it comes from the ego, it will reach the recipient’s ego and so on… I hope you begin to realize how YOU create some of your own reality; EVERYTHING you say to other people either attracts them to you or repels them, and as you go forward in life the people you attracted AND the ones you repelled created the reality you live in today.

In future articles I will expand more on how we create reality and how we can change it by being an observer rather than just a pawn.

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