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  1. tomar

    Dear Shlomo – I cannot thank you enough for your love and generosity. I received my Healing Olive with your note and was blown away that the message I had read online (and wondered who that remarkable person could be) turned out to be for me! I am deeply touched. I have one concern. You seem to think that I have no needs other than to see more deeply into God’s truth. While I would dearly love to “catch a glimpse of reality from God’s perspective,” I need to add that I could really use a financial healing as well. Living on this Earth plane has not been easy for me and I need a flow of abundance into my life to bring things into balance (I know that in this way I am like most of the sensitive souls I serve). You are right that I am content with what I have and am generally positive and optimistic, proactive, and giving of my gifts, I am not really envious or resentful any more. But I do need more stability and support in my life. I hope the magic of the Healing Olive will include that “miracle.” Thank you and many blessings to you.

    • Shlomo Friedman

      Dear Tomar, you just created the things you perceive as missing… This is what the Healing Olive is all about; changing your reality… And keep in mind that once you see reality from God’s perspective, the things you desire today will became meaningless… Because you will have a better understanding of why you exist ?

      • tomar

        Thank you for your response, Shlomo — and also for coming by my FB Live earlier today, reading my most recent message from my guides. I did hold the Healing Olive bottle in my hands earlier and made a declaration that it would help me in all the areas of my life where I specifically want some miracles. I felt that was all I needed to do to send it the instructions I want it to have (and that was probably just to satisfy my mind). I agree that the mundane things of life are not very important. If only we didn’t have to deal with money at all… but that time is not yet. ? I hope in my lifetime I will get to see some of the changes in society that I envision.

  2. Tomar Levine

    It’s been a month and applying the Healing Olive has become a cherished part of my morning (or sometimes afternoon) routine.
    There have been many changes in my life, although most are gradual. I am also working with the Reality Transurfing principles, which has been extremely uplifting and empowering, raising my vibration whenever I do (and I’ve been sharing this with others as well).
    I have spent a lot of this month promoting and working to fill a class I’m giving online in two weeks and as of today I have 11 or 12 registrants, which makes me quite happy. Beyond that, I’ve had several powerful “downloads” of new services I want to offer and increasing clarity about my role on this Earth. With one of my ideas, when I asked a colleague if she would try it out she offered to also help me brand it, price it, and promote it – which is beyond my dreams as she has high end clients and is a branding expert. I see that this new service could be way more lucrative than anything I’ve done so far. I have had this idea for years, but just felt impelled to finally activate it, and had not thought of it as a potential money-maker before. In general, I feel like I’m on a roll – a gentle, easy one. Lastly, I received a healing today from a phenomenal healer friend who facilitated a clearing of my energy field of a huge amount of ancient wounds, entanglements, and restrictions, which I am totally thrilled to see the last of! I also learned a lot about myself from her and feel freed to take my work to another level as a result.

    I have faith in the Healing Olive and every time I engage with it feels very special to me. Thank you, Shlomo!

  3. Tomar Levine

    Hi Shlomo (I know you’re on retreat now). I’m sorry I missed the last update – month 4. Here it is Month 5 already. (I still have quite a bit of the healing olive left, by the way. It will last me longer than six months.)

    I would say that I’ve both experienced some slumps – emotional and financial – and, since then, some breakthroughs. A lot of pieces are coming together recently. Free services have been coming to me and also some powerful healing methods that I never knew about that I’m now using quite a lot. My understanding of my work is clarifying and I’ve been making more consistent offers. I’m not sure if I can point to outcomes in the material world yet. But a lot of inner change is happening. In fact I feel a lot of movement forward. Thank you.


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