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  1. Sam

    Thank you Sholom for your beautiful oil. It was a pleasant surprise receiving it on the other side of the world.
    I was a bit surprised by your face reading but probably there is some truth in it and working on it.
    I am still waiting for some ‘magic’to happen in my life. I am definitely more positive.

    • Shlomo Friedman

      This is not to say that some serious magic will not happen to you, it will; but every second the universe exist is magic… think about it.

  2. Sam

    In the first month I could not notice any change of external conditions but I could notice sensible internal shifts in myself. I was more positive and strong.
    In this second month the external conditions have improved too: almost fixed an health issue that I had for the last 4 years and today I just met excellent people to work with.
    Not sure if it is the oil. I am happy though.
    Thank you. And thank you Shlomo.

  3. Sam

    Miracles after miracles!!!!
    Among the others:
    -I had a lower back pain for 4 years. I have finally found an awesome doctor that was able to give me a proper treatment and I do not have any pain now.
    – found a good job after 4 months !

    Thank you Shlomo! Love the oil!!!!

  4. Sam

    Not sure. Last month was full of positive shifts. This month I am assimilating the changes and observing my state.


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