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6 Responses to “Pat or Patty”

  1. patrizia tommasini

    Hello, Shlomo and all readers!
    Excuse me if my English is not correct!
    I’m Patrizia from Italy, I haven’t received the oil yet but something happened alike.
    When I received Shlomo’s mail, I felt a “click” inside of me, I became more peaceful, more balanced, and less worried about the outward things.
    I’m excited to begin this path, sure that will only bring wonderful things.

  2. pat or patty

    I waited for my oil so much time, but finally, I received it! I started to use it every day. Now, after 20 days, I feel more determinate to find a new way to resolve my health’s problems.

  3. Pat or Patty

    This is my third message, about the healing olive.
    Using it every day I gained more serenity.
    I want to give me a chance, a new chance!
    I want to cure better my health!
    I want a new life! A better life that I have never imagine before!
    Universe…I’m ready!

  4. pat or patty

    Hello everybody!!!
    I’m changing, I finally found the courage to break a wrong relationship!
    The oil is helping me to find my new life, my real purpose in this wonderful life!
    Thank you!

  5. pat or patty

    Hello, everybody!
    I’m changing, this it is a fact!
    Now I know that I can have more!
    I’m working to eat better, to have better thoughts, to have better empathy with people, to have bigger dreams!
    I want to live in the better dimension for me!
    Thank you, Shlomo!

  6. Pat or Patty

    Hello, Shlomo! I’m sorry, I know I’m late! This is my 6th post, I can only write that my life is changed, I’m happier, more satisfied, more balanced and more faithful! Thank you for everything you gave to me!


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