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  1. Floris

    Dear Shlomo,
    Today I received the bottle. Thank you for that. I am still processing your face readings as I dont really get the message yet. Could you clarify a bit more in an email please? OK. What is the meaning of that? How do I silence some other voices inside? What do you mean with the metaphor of running?
    Last month, I have been working hard en lost a bit of my life energy. People around me are taking energy and I am struggling with setting boundaries for myself. That will be the challenge for the next month. I am here to serve others, but in order to do that, I first need to take care of myself. I trust the process and the current of life. I am curious for the next few months to see what could happen. I feel I am in another transformation phase and I have to clean up certain beliefs and jump over certain hurdles to get to the next stage in life, which is full acceptance over all the circumstances in my life. Thank you. With love and peace, Floris

  2. Floris

    Hi guys,

    WOW! I don’t know what has not happened. I experienced a huge shift in reality. Everything seems to fall in place. A month ago, I was struggling with people around me taking my energy. It all had to do with certain old beliefs and about full acceptance over all the circumstances in my life. I was subconsciously fighting old limited world views. Then I started to use the healing olive. The first few days were quiet, but after a week so many opportunities were appearing in my reality. As a professional hockey player, I played one of my best games of the year, I had amazing connections with like minded people in my environment, I connected back again on a deeper level with my girlfriend and we are moving in with each other in August, which is fantastic. Before this, I was fighting my old world model of sharing life with a partner. In some way I did not want that for so many years. It was never about sharing life with someone else, but it all had to do with my own perception to that situation. Now I am excited to live with her. Furthermore, I started a little company and we have already our first paid customers, which I am really grateful for. Next to that, my business partner and I, partnered with a big company to work together the next year. In June, I will be flying towards New York to meet them. These are some of the many opportunities that have showed up in my reality.
    A huge shift took place, and I am so grateful for it. I connected back to myself again and restored my inner balance. Now I am at peace and open to receive outer world stuff (either positive or negative) and deal with it. This was only the first month. The healing olive oil came into my life and suddenly these things happened. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so… Thank you Shlomo!

  3. F

    A month later and life continues flowing! A lot of peace and rest has found me and I am cruising through the daily practices of life. Whatever is showing up outside of me, is a great way to practice my acceptance and to deal with it effortlessly. What can I say since the last time? My reality is shifting, however it is still shifting, because it will always be shifting. That is how reality is and always will be. I am grateful for where I am at and I will always be. The healing olive oil was a great way to reconnect with life and to make a shift in reality. How can I show more with some examples? I can’t. Why? Because they all seem to be a repetition of how things go in my life. I go out the door, I do my things during the day, I am open to any outcome, I welcome anything on my path, (either positive/negative: what is the difference?), I meet lovely people and I let go of what/how I think life should be. This state of mind is quite refreshing as all the internal fights stop. I have let go of the ego.
    Is it all because of the healing olive? Partially, yes and no. Does the healing olive works? YES it does!!! Do you have to be open to receive the gifts of this healing oil? Yes, off course. Where is the fun if you are not open to receive gifts (or anything in life)? Dear Shlomo, thank you!

  4. Floris

    Dear Shlomo,
    life is moving and moving. It has become incredible interesting and I love to share my progressions. Since my last update, I have been incredible busy. I am moving towards the new entrepreneurial reality and I am saying goodbye to the past. Currently I am finishing my thesis (which was a long process to finish, since I have my own beliefs about the school system. I love learning, but the way universities are teaching are just old fashioned and outdated), together with finishing an internship at a company of consultants. I am shifting towards the new reality of being the entrepreneur of my own life and creating the life I was born to live. At this moment I am writing you from NYC. Who would have thought that I would be here 3 months ago? I am partnering with a great community and learning many things. The movement in life is being part of large communities and really feel like you belong here in life. We all wish to be part of something. I am moving from the old way of living towards the new age movements that are just awesome! Since the first day I used the olive oil, my reality shifted and is still shifting. Life goes on and on and on and one… Shlomo, you are a inspirational man. Thank you for that! With love and mischief, Floris

  5. Floris

    Dear People, here is my update number 4,
    the journey is fantastic! Even though I finished the bottle, the effects are still working and I do belief in the long-working effect afterwards. As I have been to NYC, so many new things have arrived along my path. I am building my community here in Amsterdam. I am meeting so many great and inspiring people and life has been to kind to me. For example, I am launching an epic party in 2 weeks. Just organising the event has led me to so many cool people who all would like to contribute to our dream, dancing in the morning. I have had great holidays with my girlfriend. We spent 2 weeks together in Malaysia, which was super fun. After that, she moved in to my house and we are living together now. Furthermore I am finishing my masters. The main problem (which is not a real problem) is that time is going to fast because I am having so much fun! Wow, that is just incredible. My energy levels are high. However, I will have to be aware and take care about my energy levels in order to serve more. Thank you Shlomo, and thank you all for believing. Keep doing it! Have faith… We are all on the same journey… With love and peace, Floris

  6. Floris van der Linden

    So many things have happened, since the last time. Since I came back from New York City to introduce a new concept in Amsterdam, I have hosted 2 major events (300+ people). I have met tons of lovely and cool people and I have graduated and finished my masters. These are big things and they feel amazing. I am so grateful and fortunate to live the life I am living and to be aware of the fact that this time here on planet, is truly a paradise. We are privileged to be alive in the most crazy times in human history.
    Next to that, in my sports I have had an unfortunate event. I have torn my anterior cruciate ligament. However, I am experiencing it as a sign and an opportunity to be an example in my environment and to return to myself and create a next plan for my life. It is a bummer I can’t play my favourite game hockey, however I can grow and learn from it. in every adversity there is a seed of equivalent benefit and I belief that! It is only about what you belief…
    I am still continuing my journey and still going strong. You guys, stay strong, have faith and keep believing in yourself! Wish you all the best luck in the world!!!

  7. Floris

    Dear people,

    This is the final update and I am really excited for this on. It has been exactly 8 months ago when I started using the healing olive oil.
    In the beginning I was struggling with people around me taking my energy. (It all had to do with certain old beliefs and about full acceptance over all the circumstances in my life) Then I started to use the healing olive. So many opportunities have arrived and my reality has shifted enormously.

    1. I connected back to myself again and restored my inner balance (This was only the first month).
    2. I shifted to a whole new entrepreneurial reality (Second month).
    3. I partnered with an awesome concept in NYC and brought that to Amsterdam (It is a big hit here in town and I am building community)
    4. My girlfriend moved in with me.
    5. I have graduated from my university.
    6. So many more things have happened….
    7. At last, during a sports game, I have torn the anterior cruciate ligament of my knee. I needed surgery. Interesting fact: this has been the greatest gift of all.

    Why? Through being injured, I was forced to spend time with myself and with that, I have received precious time (which I otherwise would not have due to work). With this time I have been following new online courses and found new teachers in my journey of life. The best part of finding a certain teacher, was that I have learned how to heal myself with higher energies. Writing this down as a final update, I had a huge realisation and my body is tingling all. The healing olive oil was the beginning of my self-healing powers. I am forever grateful for that.

    Today, I am vibrating with lots of energy, I am full with light, love and life inside of me. I found and installed new beliefs that serve me on this quest. I have infinite powers, just like all of you (us). I wish you all the best on your journey, sending you all lots of love…

    Shlomo, thank you for everything. I am humbled to have crossed your path and used your amazing healing olive oil.
    Best wishes,


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