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  1. Mimi

    First of all; please accept my apologies, regarding my very late reply. My first review.
    I’m Mimi, in my personal letter you mentioned finance more than everything else, and connection with people regarding this topic.
    When I received your gift; I started using it a couple of days after I released the oil, from the package, into the house.
    I got sober right away. After struggling with this cannabis smoke for many years, now I am free. And do not even missing it, and I am being free of any temptation regarding getting high for no reasons. Which was a great timing cause; I was going to enter a very busy and most of all SO IMPORTANT time in the year 2016. September and October thru mid-November were the busiest months in my entire life as an artist entrepreneur. With all kinds of gigs, fun and difficult ones, challenging or relaxing.

    October 29th-30th and 31th were magical days, conjunctures of a new era in my life. I’m Queen of the world. Got very focused to win the race.
    Your advice regarding money was appreciated, and you were right. I had the strength to save enough money in only a month to live happily without financial stress for the current month and the further one. While is the very quiet time of the year at work, in the entertainment and fine art world.
    Also, I’ve been informed by the Source about the next episodes. The rewards of my amazing contribution to my own revolution are coming to my door.
    And since then, my power multiply every day. I am connected, and can’t forget anymore; I’m blessed.
    My energy and focus are now spread into the action of gifting myself with a Healthy body, inside and out. I’m totally committed to self-care.
    At last, that is what I visualize. This week I’ve understood how I can do better with challenging myself.
    I want to look back and know I did everything I can to maintain my commitments and used my time with great determination to reach my goal and see results.
    I live in the now, but Had these thoughts anyway, like a phone call from Heaven, saying: Hey you! Great job, but now do better!
    I’m in a relationship with two great men. And I should specify with saying; Spirits. And I want to honor them very well; with a gift that there’s no price for it, and it’s all about being grand and authentic.
    Also, I will conclude with telling you, I’m already organizing the next episode for 2017 when I’m done with the one I’m working on right now, I’ll be ready.

    That’s all for now, Shlomo. So tomorrow I’ll restart taking the oil,
    I had to take a break before I finally write to you the news of
    our magic exchange before being able to start fresh with new messages for the universe.
    It’s a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful experience who’s life.
    And thank you for sharing your power and vision with me, and all of us.



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