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4 Responses to “Mario”

  1. Mario

    Dear Shlomo,
    I read you letter and started using the healing olive on Dec 19, 2016. What you said was quite accurate and I am, happy that way.
    In the instructions that came with the oil you said “where you think your heart is”. The first couple of days I put the drops where I think I know my heart is. Then I started putting the oil on my hip where I was often experiencing some discomfort. After a few days of doing this I had a fall on the ice and snow and landed in a way that relieved my pain. I knew instantly this happened because of the oil.
    Since then I sometimes use the oil in this way. Pain in the body is usually some type of held on to emotion or trauma that needs to be released. One just needs to go deep enough to see it.
    I have been on a upward spiral for some time now and I feel an acceleration happening this past month within my meditations. Things seem to be flowing with more ease. Enjoying this new turn in the spiral.

    • Shlomo Friedman

      Thank you, Mario I am happy you got into the spiral… keep soaring! I commend you for realizing that the fall was actually a reality shift to help you with your hip; unfortunately, Most people would just consider it a coincidence… but this is how it always works, through “natural” events. Anything that happens in the universe where humans may observe it, will happen in such a way that human would be able to explain it in a “human” way… that’s how all other dimensions are hidden from us, humans…

  2. Mario

    I am a flower blossoming on the sacred olive tree. My roots lay firm and deep in the fertile soils of Jerusalem.
    Visit me, as i do myself. Fruitful is this journey.

  3. Mario

    It’s been 6 months since I first anointed myself with the Healing Olive. Such a beautiful medicine, ritual and blessing to receive such a wonderful gift from the universe. Thank you Shlomo for opening this door for all who are willing to receive this gift with so much history and meaning.
    It’s been a couple of months since I finished the oil and I sometimes miss my morning anointment ritual. But that does not stop me from connecting on an energetic level or continuing to receive the ongoing gifts and benefits of the practice. I feel constantly more connected with the energy force of all creation in all my spiritual and material pursuits. Storms happen all around me and I sit quietly in the eye and observe from a place of peace and understanding trusting that all is divinely aligned for me on my path through this lifetime on earth.
    Thanks again Shlomo and to all who have embarked on the healing olive journey.


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