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  1. Laura

    I received the Healing Olive February 1 and soon noticed a shift in my mindset–very subtle but definitely something positive and surprising. I am a person who wants to control everything which I have recognized, and it is exhausting! In the past few weeks I found myself NOT hanging on to things, gently releasing and letting go… saying to myself ‘whatever shall be shall be’. There has been much chaos and drama I know I have created needlessly but every day and as the weeks go by I am finding more peace. As a result circumstances are working themselves out for the better although I am still experiencing some bumps in the road. What has changed is that I am better able to handle my reactions to them. I feel I an ‘awareness’ I don’t quite know how to explain….I look forward to continuing with the Healing Olive as I so appreciate the journey I am on and today being Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent I feel there may be more of this awareness behind the next few weeks. Thank you Shlomo:)


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