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  1. Karen

    I have had a major transitions in my life. I was fired as CEO of a company that I had built over 3 years. I was not happy with our investor and board member for a year, and after using the oil for a few weeks he ousted me from company in power play.

    I have taken reiki recently and found my internal bliss and space. I am going to take a class and go deeper to have this as a tool.

    While I am less well off financially the stress of my company culture was unbearable and breaking me so I am assuming something better is opening up.

    I am far more aware intuitively.
    Feeling my way through the emptiness job loss has created and healing old seeing and healing old wounds and patterns created by those old wounds such as – attracting crazy business partner and huge bully and sexually discriminating investor


    • Shlomo Friedman

      Karen, go back to the letter I wrote you with the Healing Olive, it is much more relevant now.

  2. Karen

    I have generated a new career opportunity effortlessly. I have had deepest spiritual connections inside and have cleared old shame, guilt, grief, and anger.

    I feel like anything is possible not in a manifestation sort of way, more in the realm of the cosmos.

    I find I have to do less and less to generate outcomes much of my anxiety is leaving. I feel a sense of spaciousness inside of me that is new.

    I am connecting all my old grief to love. I am returning to the feeling of my soul

  3. Karen

    I was lifted above the veil of my reality, the story that I had lived. I felt compassion for myself, my family, humanity.

    The scales fell off of my eyes. I see my struggles being futile. I see that I have never fully loved or felt divine love. I see how little of my life that I enjoyed. I see how numbed out I was, how desperately i sought love from limited or broken sources. I saw my heart, I felt love for myself despite seeing all the ways I had hurt myself and others trying to seek love or fight for love.

    My external life has yet to shift. I am still not working after being fired from my job. I have no idea what the future holds but I now have space to imagine work that is fulfilling, and that brings me joy.

  4. Karen

    I felt the infinite many times, feel my mortality in a poetic way. Feel that everything I have done professionally was not me, and see my root causes of addiction, illusion, and lack of peace in my soul.

    I am open for change in my life, I feel that it is coming soon. This phase has prepared me. I want to continue on this path of awakening and release.

    I have had new people show up that are angels. I realized I have never felt divine love but feel this is possible. Love feels more universal to me, less personal, and non romantic.

  5. Karen

    I feel like life is about to change dramatically. I have been preparing and clearing my heart mind and physical space. I can’t really explain or touch the feeling of anticipation of something new, divine, and orchestrated by God.

    I know I have come home again to the kingdom of God as a Holy being and I am trusting an open like a child. I am sitting in complete not knowing but ready to recieve. No fear just open hearted unconditional love for myself and life.


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