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  1. John

    Feeling stronger inside. More determined. Still hurting but am facing my demons and starting to rebuild my life. I have faithfully used the Healing Olive as instructed on a daily basis since Christmas Day. So about 2.5 weeks. Difficult to say more at this point in time.

  2. John

    Unfortunately I forgot to do the second monthly update. I started using the Healing Olive on Christmas Day, not when I received it.
    In any event here goes for the last 2 months:
    After a positive first month where I felt I was gaining strength and actively pursuing positive changes, my second month was a real struggle. Slipped back into old behaviors and became discouraged for a time. A lot of emotional/psychic pain as I struggled to let go of the pain from losing someone I loved due to her untimely and sudden death. Near the end of the second month I did start to come out of the darkness again. Actively pursued help processing my grief, and returned to pursuing positive change – in a less than perfect or consistent way, but overall returned to moving in a positive direction.
    Third month is only partly done so rather than give an incomplete summary I will write again nearer to the 25th of this month.

  3. John

    Finally have made some long overdue changes in my life. The most significant change caused me a great deal of pain, but I’m confident I made the right move.
    I am & will be dealing with pain resulting from the changes, but I anticipate a much better future. Grateful for the blessings in my life today.


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