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  1. India

    Simultaneously as my healing olive arrived in my letterbox (01/02) I was given my preferred job after doing a trial shift that morning and had been looking casually since October. I also had a new housemate move in that weekend whom I didn’t know beforehand and has been really good to live with and formed a lovely bond with my dog which was very important to me being from a shelter and very scared of strangers. My dog Leo also became very close with our downstairs neighbours. I felt like I’ve been handling my stress and emotions and overall health better than I ever have however the new job and subsequent new early schedule has had a negative impact on my sleep. Still unsure about the health/energy course/s I’m meant to do and the short one I had been interested in for a while is temporarily unavailable, regardless I’m excited about that in the future and what I’m doing now in my job. Have chronic microbiome dysbiosis. Know I still have a lot of emotional releasing and forgiveness to do but haven’t been making the time with very jam packed weeks. Have had something on every weekend and still maintaining community garden and volunteering involvement. Financially bouncing back strong after a year off work now that I have this new job and new housemate.


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