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  1. Jorge

    Hi, Shlomo,

    I just received your package yesterday, and started using it a few minutes ago. I feel it’s a genuine gift from a kind human. Thank you.

    Your reading of me was interesting. I am well educated, and have a strong background in the sciences–full marks there–but perhaps science hasn’t been my bible for quite a while. I believe there’s some deep mystery at the centre of this reality, and I have no idea how it plays out, but I’m hopeful. I’m unemployed and using the time to work out some difficult personal issues that have plagued me for many years. I look forward to positive changes, and thank you again for your care.


    • Shlomo Friedman

      Dear Jorge,
      Thank you for writing, this is how we all move forward and upwards… you have the “sparkle” in your eye, and I can say this; I am not a Guru, a priest or a rabbi… I’m just Shlomo… and my readings get less “serious” when I see a good sense of humor in you and the ability to laugh at yourself 🙂 And yes, there is a deep mystery, as you said, in the center of our reality. My purpose, through the Healing Olive and other initiatives which will follow, is to expose this “mystery” and enable anybody “able,” not only to understand but use this knowledge to move to the next frontier which is spiritual, as oppose to the material one we are in today…

  2. Jorge

    The month has been interesting. Is that a strange word? Well, I have experienced a significant lessening in tight spots in my body–things plaguing me for years, and I’m thankful and feel much more flexible. The process of opening up these places has been an emotional one, and I wonder how much more? I’m curious to see how the next month goes.

    I would also like to talk about the good feelings. I’ve had days of wonderful openness and fluidity; my body’s more relaxed and calm than I can recall in years; I at times feel rather like I’m an integral part of the universe: a light, heady and gentle sort of place to be.

  3. Jorge

    Well, it’s been a long month with winter, ice and snow. I feel I’ve gotten to know me better in someways, and healed some places.

    I’ve experimented with some new experiences and hope they may lead to further personal and professional development.

    I’m wondering if this will work for me, frankly. Talk to you again in one more month.

  4. Jorge

    Well, I feel good. Content. Like I know it’s ok to be where I am. Surrendering to the process but still some doubts.

    One opportunity seems to have opened up for me on the financial front. It’s small, but not insignificant. Another one might be knocking on my door.

    If I had to take a guess as to what “reality” is, I would think it’s consciousness–that it’s all woven of the same stuff, inside and out. I don’t think I can magically make myself younger, but I think or hope that wants that are congruent with what “Consciousness” is can be created, especially if one takes steps towards a goal. Anyway, that’s my working theory for now.

  5. George

    Well, I wish I had something amazing to report. It’s very similar to last month. I do feel as if I’m deepening into a greater knowledge of who and what I am. I’ve also been given another opportunity in the financial realm. Waiting for things to change on the outside, and not only the inside.

    I feel generally good and calm, though things are up and down in the external world.

    Pretty much out of oil. I added a bit more to the little container and hope to see what the next two months are like.

  6. Jorge

    Well, it’s been a very interesting month, for sure. I ran low on oil, so topped up the tiny bit I had with some other oil.

    I was offered two financial opportunites on the same day, and accepted one and the other goes in the back burner for later this year. It’s quite a thing to go from unemployed to suddenly working, and to have it happen through an odd series of coincidences. It’s a good change! The contract is not permanent, but I don’t mind. It’s seems very positive so far.

    So, is it the oil? Trusting the universe(s)? Who or what am I and what is reality? I don’t know. My sense of spirituality does deepen, and I feel life is an expression of something deeper than all of us, and it includes the universe, what we take to be real. It’s mysterious, fascinating and yes even frustrating. I don’t know what Shlomo’s next steps are on his mission, but I’m curious to watch and find out. Happy to have played a part in this experiment, and glad I “met” Shlomo and his bottle of fine olive oil.

    I’ll update again next month if asked. Best wishes to you all.

    P.S. I did want to echo one comment I read from another user. She ran across some folks early on in the process that were trying to scam her, and saw right through it. I oddly had the exact same experience a couple months in. No idea if that’s part of what unfolds, but it was an interesting coincidence.

  7. George

    So, it’s been 6 months since I started using the oil, and my life has changed for sure. I was unemployed and needed a change, and it arrived and now I’m in a new job. Is life magically wonderful? I’d say it’s good but I have my down days and I’m still adjusting to all the change, and working on some health issues now that are improving.

    It was a cold, dark Winter day when Shlomo’s little package arrived, and my life hasn’t looked the same since. I don’t know what the future holds. I wish I could at times have only happy days, but it seems as if human existence is about growth and experience and less about pleasure. All of it is mysterious. I frankly dont have a clue what I really am–a soul, a conscious field, a body with history and memory, or something beyond words and concepts–and I don’t know how it all works, but I’m glad I came across Shlomo and his oil.

    Thanks Shlomo, and best wishes to everyone on this path.


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