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  1. Deb

    Hi Shlomo, thank you so very much for sending me a beautiful bottle of this heavenly-fragranced olive oil with my personalized note. I really didn’t expect to receive your free gift for the next 3-4 days, and was absolutely delighted to open the mailbox and find it there today, so I did a ‘happy dance’ :0) out of sheer excitement. I’m so looking forward to working with you over the next months, and feeling extremely blessed for having come in contact with you ~ since I first watched your first video, I felt a little tug on my heart strings and followed that call. I’m so thankful that I did, as I know without a doubt your gift will help me reach farther into other dimensions and make amazing connections. My first experience with this treasure was to close my eyes and take a long, slow deep inhale ~ OH, SO DIVINE this sun-drenched aromatic goodness. Also, I’d like to mention how very impressed I am with your accurate perception of me based on one little picture ~ amazing!

    • Shlomo Friedman

      Thank you, Deb, I really appreciate your “instant” feedback… You made my day! I’m sure you will have some very interesting and positive notes in the coming moths…

  2. Debbie

    Hi Shlomo, where do I begin I have so much to share! One month ago, I chose to take a HUGE leap of faith, to simply follow my hearts’ whispers which were saying ‘Go for it – jump!’ My heart knew this was an amazing opportunity which had arrived to knock on my door ~ and yet my mind was questioning whether I would or would not open the door? I decided to jump in fully, choosing to follow my heart, the ‘wise one’ who expands my minds’ limited ways of ‘being’ in this world and places me in that magnetic zone where other heart-wise people gather. I’ve had an amazing month of effortless opportunity, arriving to offer me playful avenues to explore and express my creativity, not only in blending essential oils into top-notch fragrances for a friends newly designed soap line but in embarking on my writing adventures too ~ playtime has arrived! AND I love it! Every morning, I happily open my bottle of Healing Olive, breath in the essence of exquisite beauty and lovingly apply per your instructions. I feel so blessed, thank you for sharing your gift with me, as it has led me to experiencing many deep, heart-felt changes within myself, affecting my attitude towards myself and others, and the bonus is that I’m clearly seeing this beautiful energy being reflected back to me in ways I only dreamed possible. I’ve had courage to open doors with words of wisdom, with the intention of asking why certain things happened, coming from a place of child-like wonder, being curious (rather than stuck in judgemental ideas) and this has led to complete healing of old wounds between my sister and I regarding a house, money and a greedy demand, which I now realize was not about the money at all, but rather a gift to both of us ~ an experience to help us learn, to grow, to expand, to communicate through a heart to heart conversation, to remove all those dark barriers that had been lurking between our hearts, keeping us separate, isolated, and together but distant (not a feeling I like). I was so glad I had the ‘right mind’ (led by my heart) to ask, listen and be in a place to understand where her demands came from. I was able to see her as her and have compassion for her where she was ~ no judgment. That was so freeing in and of itself. I let her know that I didn’t want us to live this way anymore, with this stupid wall between our hearts, that it’s not what we came here for, or maybe we came here to experience this situation, but to carry it on is ridiculous and that I wanted our hearts to be open to each other, to be cleaned and clear so that we can really love each other like family is supposed to do!” Oh my gosh Shlomo ~ that was the best talk we’ve had in years, and I could feel this whole energetic dirt wall between us disintegrate in a ‘nano second’ ~ POOF GONE! We cried, we laughed, we rejoiced and then the most ironic thing happened! She asked if she owed me money? I laughed, ‘No! Absolutely not! No! It’s not about the money! Take what you got and go celebrate that, trust me I worked out the calculations fairly, so there’s no issue there. I just wanted to understand where you were coming from when you asked for $###### and I felt that was greedy as you’d put nothing in. So, let me give you a picture ~ look at it this way, you got to live rent free for three years! Go celebrate that! Whoo-hoo! I felt so exhilarated in voicing that. It felt so powerful speaking from the heart with genuine love, and the freedom we’ve both experienced from that one little conversation is beyond words! We now have space to be ourselves, we honor each other exactly where we are, we laugh and joke and tease each other in light-hearted ways! Ooh that freedom tastes so very, very sweet and to be in a place where I could remove my attachment to the materialistic side of the equation, and return to my heart space ~ WOW! Amazing grace, how sweet it is! Sometimes, these changes that are happening take me back a little, as I’ve never experienced anything so beautifully magic like this before, so I will admit it feels very strange but, I’m so absolutely delighted with these changes in my shifting reality. A couple other smaller, but significant shifts have happened as well ~ LOL~ a fantastic shift in my work environment has occurred and there is a single guy I’ve been chatting with who has intrigued me for some reason, not sure where that may lead but remaining open hearted to that as well. Many blessings to you Shlomo and I look forward to sending you another update in a month, cheers!

  3. Deb

    Hi Shlomo, thank YOU so very, very much for being who you are and for sharing YOUR precious gift with me and many other adventurous souls willing to try something new! Every day, I look forward to my morning ritual with my healing olive~ 1st expressing deep gratitude for this gift ~ 2nd taking a very long, slow inhalation of this amazing scent that whisks me away to an olive grove in the sunshine in the hills and 3rd applying my oil as you’ve instructed. My precious little bottle is filled to overflowing with gifts of expansion that keep on giving and giving :0). This last month has brought a few big challenges, although I find being in a far more advanced ‘state of mind’ has helped me to walk through these with far more grace and ease than I’ve ever done before ~ amazing grace! I feel they’ve arrived at the right and perfect time to help clear out the cobwebs of some very old dark corners within ~ like a spring cleaning, and so I’ve just surrendered to the process, allowing deep emotional things to bubble up to the surface to be released and healed! There is absolutely no mistaking the gifts of these lessons – physical, mental, and/or emotional or a combo plate! Sweating the small stuff really isn’t worthy of my time, or your time, as our time here is very precious! My greatest, yet most difficult lessons came from being right there beside my ‘fav’ bro while he fought aggressive prostate cancer, which had gone undiagnosed until it was too late ~ horse was outa the barn and the nagging pain he’d felt in his lower back for months was finally diagnosed through a simple blood test by a very intelligent female doctor~ so men, if you’re experiencing pain that will not go away, please go get a simple little blood test done. The one thing my bro would say constantly during our last 18 months together was, “it’s all good!” His words have left me with a lasting memory which supports me in the storm, so that whenever I come up against obstacles or hurdles, I remember his courage, his strength, his faith, his humor and I remember to breathe deeply and to let go of the insignificant stuff ~ it’s temporary and it too will pass, so I choose to just get out of the way and let it all blow by me like leaves in a wind storm ~ why not? What’s to cling to ~ absolutely nothing cuz I’m here to enjoy the ride and my bro gave me the best gift ~ he showed me what dignity and grace looks like ~ he taught me that an amazing attitude of mind makes for a very strong character. So, yes I’ve become far more open and relaxed and less inclined to close down in resistance to what is or to react in anger and on an energetic level I see that what I put out there returns instantly, so best be inner-wise and play a clean game of life with no shortcuts, no assumptions and no BS. Many blessing to you Shlomo and I look forward to sending another update in a month :0) cheers!

  4. Deb English

    Hi Shlomo, it’s been a wild, yet interesting ride this past month, yet I’m choosing to remain open to that which is placed on my path while I stroll through these peaks and valleys of people, events and triggers, fully understanding that these too shall pass ~ so, no big deal! By taking a moment to check in with myself, I determine whether any external stimuli/stimulus causes a reaction or not. By choosing to ‘unplug and view’, I feel I’m learning far more, not so much about the ‘external’ stimuli (how often have I seen that) but more-so about my ‘internal’ response to that circumstance and to just simply watch myself inside those patterned habits of reactions is my gift of freedom! I’m here to learn all I possibly can from that which is placed on my path, and through looking at these experiences from an observation deck, I look down upon the scene and then I choose what I extract as my golden nuggets and leave the rest right where it is. By surrendering my old ways of feeling overly responsible for everyone (Deb to the ‘rescue’ and as we all know how energy attracts like a magnet!!), I’ve allowed further development of healthier ways of being here and being fully alive on our precious Mother Earth, cheers!

  5. Deb

    Hi Shlomo, this month has breezed by so fast! I’ve been pondering and healing deeper issues this last while and had come across an article by Sacred Science, which really speaks to my heart, given many experiences over the last few years and that is “Is it possible for us to tango with crisis and pain in the same way we would with a loved one? Seems kind of absurd at first, but the masters see the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the joyous and the terrifying as two sides of the same coin. They aren’t tempted by the fleeting comforts of the “good” nor are they rattled by the shadows that can sometimes be found in the “bad”. Once we get past their foreboding exterior, we begin to see pain and crisis as something far more sacred than we ever knew. A shaman might call them a catalyst for spiritual evolution. Answer this question honestly: Is there a point of pain or stress in your life right now that is actually a misunderstood doorway to your more evolved self? My answer to that would be a huge “YES”! All of my deepest, most influential learning and, quite often ‘unlearning) has come to me within a crisis ~ to walk through, gather strength, rest if I must and continue to move forward! Big hugs to you Shlomo as my ‘unfolding with the healing olive’ is exactly as you’ve said right from the beginning, that I would reach farther into other dimensions and make amazing connections ~ and I have so done that! My sweet intuitive senses are returning to the phenomenal state they were when I first arrived on this plane, and I so trust my precious gift, which makes GPS and technological devices look like kids’ tinker toys. As mentioned before, I’m so blessed to have met you Shlomo and I really appreciate all you’ve done ~ thank you so much! Cheers!

  6. Deb

    Hi Shlomo, YES I do miss my morning ritual with my healing olive, yet the amazing effects of this precious gift of expansiveness stays with me on a daily basis ~ with sweet memories of the ever so fragrant oil, evoking my playful spirit with just one breath giving me a sensation of being teleported to a land of peaceful rolling hills.
    I’ve experienced many profound, beneficial and lasting changes within myself since I first started the project with you, simply due to my willingness and self-disciplined approach to play full on and to give it all I’ve got ~ fully committed and open to learning new amazing things. Bless you Shlomo, with this gracious gift you offered me, and I’ve discovered all of these goodies:
    • Identifying underlying habitual patterns to free myself from emotional/reactional behaviours which were clearly not supporting such a beautiful soul journey (and this part of my journey has been EXACTLY WITHOUT A DOUBT as you’d mentioned to me Shlomo wherein you said to me, ‘….enable me to reply and communicate my thoughts to you, which in many cases may help you understand and overcome obstacles in your reality’;
    • A deeper connection to all forms of energetic life (physical and non-physical);
    • Increased ability to ‘feel’ the presence of loved ones who’ve passed on and obtain ‘senses’ from other people here on this physical plane;
    • A more aligned connection with my spiritual council and my higher guidance;
    • A deeper connection with my very own amazing gift of intuition ~ my carrier of pure truth;
    • Many chances to design my own balance of feminine energy (receptivity) with male energy (action) with no need for aggression, only gentleness and honesty;
    • A relaxed way of ‘being’ with a deeper acceptance of life surrounded by an astonishingly renewed faith and trust in all processes that exist (nirvanic contentment );
    • Less need for materialistic ways and a deeper yearning to connect with all living beings in authentic ways;
    • Vivid dreams and visions with meaningful messages;
    • An appreciation for simply ‘being’ here, feeling grounded on Mother Earth yet fully connected to the spirit realm and seeing those inner waves of contentment spreading outward like a ripple effect of a little tiny stone cast into the still waters ~ it’s beautiful!
    I’m feeling far happier Shlomo, especially when I read your accurate perception of me in your note you attached to my healing olive bottle, and when I look back to February 2017 and see how much I’ve progressed in such a short period of time ~ amazing grace ~ nothing short of a miracle!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Shlomo for being you and offering this precious gift that will withstand all of time, cheers!

  7. Deb

    THANK YOU Shlomo from the bottom of my heart for creating this beautiful healing olive that you’ve shared so generously with me. May I express my sheer delight in having been a part of this amazing journey with you! Over the course of the past six months, my inner world has shifted significantly, going from a highly, emotionally reactive place to a calmer, serene state of mind, for which I’m so grateful when I see this HUGE transformation has definitely radiated outward to change my entire life-scape (my human landscape) ~ from my workplace, to my home and everywhere in between. I feel more deeply connected to the great spirit of creation through my daily ceremony of the four direction prayer and feel far more humble through experiences, and it feels so good to move from a rigid ‘mindset’ of entitled arrogant to one which flows simply by feeling what a gift it is to just be a super blessed human on our beautiful Mother Earth, fully supported by Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon, breathing in fresh, life-giving air and drinking clear, pure water. Life is far more beautiful seeing everything through the eyes of humble simplicity and living that way too. My ability to sense and connect with energetic fields has increased, my intuition is a finely tuned to every energetic field and directs me perfectly, my ability to feel the presence of non-physical beings ie:, definite connection with loved ones who’ve passed through to the other side ~how they love to play ~ and receiving gifts from nature, be that the song of the raven during meditation in my zen space outside, or sitting on a beautifully, sparkling rock at the beach, gift abound all around and it feels like magic! I feel very connected with my higher guidance, by shutting down the noise debris of my inner drama queen and open up to listen, really, really listen and to heed those calls! And, in doing so, in pours pure truth in all forms, in all ways ~ it’s all SIMPLY AMAZING! And I’m loving this transformed life very much ~ thank you Shlomo. I hope one day we meet while I’m over visiting Vancouver as I do come over from time to time, cheers


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