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  1. Daniel

    This is my fourth month of a annointments with the Healing Olive. Some days I miss the practice, but that’s because I don’t like to rush it. I enjoy the little ritual that symbolically, and in fact, connects my third eye with my heart.
    The annointing is directly connected with changing my reality into the path of my highest calling. Since I started using it many things have happened to zoom me into that reality. Job offers and opportunities have come with serendipitous timing to the beginning month and subsequent months of using it.

    I recognize that this is not some kind of magic dust that Shlomo secretly sprinkled in the oil. 🙂 But it is my intention which I pour into the oil every time I use it, which adds to Shlomo’s intention, which I take it to be something in the order of “may the highest good for a given user be materialized”, that comes back to me.

    Reality can be shifted, and the fact that this seems like magic, only points to the magical, dream-like, clay-like, malleable nature of our everchanging and constantly evolving universe.

    So it’s a nice little experiment and there is genius in it, Mr. Shlomo


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