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  1. Cameron

    Dear Shlomo,

    Thank you for the personalized message and the healing olive, I received it in the mail today! Your description of me was fairly accurate. I instinctively believed, that what you wrote, was somewhat generalized. Something perhaps similar to how I think a horoscope would be written. I chose to be open and accepting of your accuracy, because if I didn’t, all of what you wrote would be the exact truth! What a funny coincidence that would be….

    I am optimistic about this journey, and I really don’t know what to expect. My mind races in all materialized directions that I think would make happy changes, but that reality may not be naturally occurring? I have recently started a lifestyle transformation, just before I was referred to you. I am learning to be more “trusting” of people, but mostly myself. The biggest challenge for me is to not expect the obvious, or feel entitled to an obvious change. I need to trust that miracles will happen and will occur, naturally, over a period of time.

    Today is the first day of using the healing olive, and I wanted to write you immediately after. Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to being in touch.

    Thank you Shlomo!

    • Shlomo Friedman

      Hi Cameron,
      Thank you for writing, the feedback from our Healing Olive family is what makes this whole thing tick.
      I like your wit… and nothing is generalized in what I write; there are no two letters similar in the 200+ written so far…
      What miracles would you like to happen to you? Or you would rather let the universe decide for you? Miracles never manifest as miracles, except in fairy tales… in real life, miracles look like a normal accuracy and always enable you to come up with a logical explanation, and it is up to you to understand what was a miracle… otherwise, everybody would believe in God and be religious… so keep your eyes and mind open 🙂

  2. Cameron

    February was very busy for work and volunteer events. Going into the month I felt positive and confident. I was open to the potential from using the Healing Olive. I hadn’t used it before, and I didn’t know what to expect. I wrote a few comments and received replies from Shlomo. I am to understand that personal miracles will occur through natural or normal life experiences. I have always believed that miracles some how manifest the way they do in fairy tales. Call me a dreamer. Regardless, I had great hope and expectations for the month of February.

    The later half of the month was awful. Keeping my strength and courage on what was currently important proved difficult. In the late evening of Saturday the 11th, my wife had struck a racoon on her way to work, at highway speed. She was safe and not injured, but the car was towed and it turned out to be a write off. We were now in the market to shop for another vehicle, something we weren’t financially planning for. Sharing a vehicle for the following three weeks and coordinating our work schedules definitely tested our love and patience. On Sunday the 19th, our fury canine companion Baxter, developed a clot near his aorta that limited blood flow to his organs and lower extremities. His kidneys were already so damaged that the doctor said they were irreparable. Baxter was in the hospital for 10 hours going through tests and diagnosing procedures. Every phone call I received, was worse news than the previous. We were becoming more and more emotionally unstable. Adding to our already financial burden of the car, the animal hospital bill had quickly escalated and we still didn’t know the exact problem. During the last phone call from the doctor, we learned that Baxter’s value of life would be virtually non-existent. The damage to his kidneys had already been done. We chose euthanasia late that night. One of the worst experiences of my life.

    The following week was difficult and both Shelley and I tried getting into our regular routines as quickly as possible. But the quietness and loneliness in our condo was hard to manage. The sudden and immediate cause of Baxter’s departure was so confusing and provided no closure. I’ve constantly thought about the “what if’s?” knowing full well that it wouldn’t help change anything or the outcome. On March 1st Shelley and I found our second vehicle, and it was well worth the wait! We are both very happy and excited with it. The price and quality and requirements we looked for all balance out. This could be the first step in the right “miraculous” direction. Call me a skeptic, and maybe I am the kind of person that frequently plays devils advocate but I have yet to see some positive effects from taking the Healing Olive. However it was an emotionally rough month. I won’t give up though, I continue to use the Healing Olive and remain open to what I need to personally improve on.

    • Shlomo Friedman

      “my wife had struck a raccoon on her way to work, at highway speed. She was safe and not injured, but the car was towed and it turned out to be a write-off. We were now in the market to shop for another vehicle, something we weren’t financially planning for…
      “Adding to our already financial burden of the car, the animal hospital bill had quickly escalated…”
      Cameron, In order to make a real change in your life you need to feel the pain of others as well… not just yours. When you start thinking about this and EMOTIONALLY understand it, you will become a new person.

  3. Cameron

    March was typical. I haven’t noticed much in terms of a new reality shift. I guess compared to February, March was a breath of fresh air, lol. I should tell you that there were four or five days throughout the month, I missed my daily application of the healing olive. My fault for not being fully committed.

    Your assessment of me was accurate, even my girlfriend of 14 years agreed with it. It’s made me more aware of my issues, good or bad I still don’t know. At times I need to be more open and trusting of others and less self absorbed. I just don’t know how to control my first instinct or this lifelong habit? I am more aware, but how do I control it? My reality hasn’t shifted into anything I’ve noticed, maybe I’m not fully committed or maybe its because I missed some days last month? I will continue to use the healing olive and I hope to eventually shift into a new reality. Thanks for your time Shlomo.


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