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  1. Dennis

    the oil has done wonders for me, such a simple concept, lost in greed. Pay it forward, positive outlook call it whatever you like. I was facing the reality of having my bowel cut out and had nothing else to try besides this oil

    and it worked, I feel great, and am getting better,

    keep in mind that being positive ++++++++ can never equal a negative –

    Thank you

  2. dennis

    this is my second update, a lot has changed, there has been a lot on my mind, I’m more in touch with my feelings and my reality. im able to tell the difference between things that matter and things that don’t. I’ve learned that monetary value doesn’t mean that the item is of value. $100 may be a big deal to me in once case but in another, it as if it is $1, it all just depends on what my body tells me. I have learned to disengage with my chronic pain, its still there and I suffer however I suffer less.

    if you want to change your life message me, I will help you.

    Shlomo, thank you once again for introducing me to the Healing Oil and to Mihael.

  3. dennis

    alot has changed i am very confused and really just want things to settle and slow down

  4. dennis

    alot continues to change, my friends have changed, its very overwhelming, i seem to be alot busier these days but doing less

    • Shlomo Friedman

      Dennis, you are doing such a great job by yourself… the Healing Olive is just “oiling”…

  5. dennis

    still my life is changing day by day, ups and downs but always ending up a step ahead then where I started, im learning to control my emotions and relax

  6. dennis

    just too much to update, too much that’s all I have to say… be ready when it comes

  7. beater

    Ive been on a journey since signing up for this, while my path is still being discovered day by day through the help of Shlomo, a friend of mine that I had referred has had great results in the area of improvement that he needed. He was a skeptic even after hearing about my on going transformation, but he trusted my gut instead and went along with it. After our detailed conversations about how he was doing in all areas, for the sake of privacy, here is what he wrote:

    “Dennis im really starting to think maybe this has to do with something”


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