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5 Responses to “Ale”

  1. Alessandro

    Dear Shlomo,
    Thank you very much for this gift!

    I love the smell of this olive oil, it’s so intense.
    I’ve been using it only for a few days, and so far of course I cannot see major changes in my reality.
    But being from the south of Italy, olive oil is linked with a lot of positive emotions and memories, and when I apply it, it makes me feel good!


  2. Ale

    It’s been almost 2months since I received the healing oil. Unfortunately due to the nature of my job, I’m constantly traveling, so I can apply the oil only when I’m at home.
    So far I haven’t noticed any major change.
    During the last year, my mind is been very busy with some family issues and other personal challenges. I hope the powerful oil is gonna help me to shift to a new reality where I’ll be able to fully enjoy my life.

  3. Ale

    During this last month I had 2 events which are somehow changing my current situation . One is good, I got a promotion, so apparently my carreer is gonna be better, and also my finances.
    This particular aspect is something I’ve been looking for, since last year. Let’s see what do universe brings to me.

    The second news is that I’m getting relocated from my beloved apartment in the city centre to somewhere in the outskirts of the city, and will have to share it with someone I don’t know.
    Honestly I’m quite upset about this change. I just hope that this is leading me to a great reality shift.
    By October everything should be more clear.

  4. Alessandro

    One more month passed very quickly and nothing relevant happened.
    The highlights were a trip to Lebanon with a good friend, and a training for my upgrade.
    Things that I want to change, are not moving apparently.. But I have the feeling, that my reality is gonna shift in something different in a few months.

  5. Alessandro

    I’ve got some changes happening in my life right now, in terms of career and accommodation.
    I’m quite happy about the first, but very unhappy about the second one, since it’s not my decision to change home. I wanna think that this is leading me somewhere I need to be, that it’s gonna bring me things I desire.
    Other aspects of my life that I wanna change are still there, like a stone that’s hard to reshape.
    But I still have almost half bottle of olive oil and I believe in Shlomo and what he says.


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