When you place your order, I request you to upload a good picture of yourself, why? Your reality is created 100% by YOU, the WHOLE you. Whatever you “feed” into your subconscious, whether by your mind or your feelings, becomes your reality. It is not instant; it unfolds over time. By looking at your picture, I can see your essence in very fine detail. (look at the letters I send out with the Healing Olive on the blog page) I focus and “extract” only the good in you, and that energy goes into your personal bottle of the Healing Olive. When you use it, as instructed, it causes your subconscious to “send” all the Godliness that I saw in you into the mechanism that creates your reality, which, in turn, generates a substantial shift in your reality “down the road of time.”

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It is an insult to your Self to be born, live and die without knowing the answer to the mystery of why you are here as a human being in the first place… Follow me and we will find the answer... Please read about my opinions on many other issues at analysisofexistence.com

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5 Responses to “The Healing Olive: How does it work?”


    I always wanted to know more about the reason of my life, my mission here on earth and always searching for more answers to get a better health. Actually my heart is bleeding of too much pain from the past and I am crossing your way for a reason… and would like to know why

    Thank you,

    • Shlomo Friedman

      Dear Louise,
      I cannot answer the “why” in your question; the universe, or our reality, work in ways that are beyond our comprehension; but I can make some assumptions. There is a conflict inside you; on one hand, you want to understand “the reason for your life…” and “your mission here…” on the other hand, you are searching for more answers to get a better health… I think you lived your life thinking mostly about yourself and as a result, you may have health problems and a feeling of a “wasted life”. There is a part of you which realizes these issues, I call this part “soul”; since the soul is a part of the infinite, or God if you like, it has the ability to influence your reality, and it is that soul who made our paths cross… it wants those conflicts addressed.

      • LOUISE

        Dear Shlomo,

        Thank you so much for your answer! I know I am asking lots of questions and you’re right when you say I have a conflict inside me.
        Finally, I just want to have a healthy and happy life, which so far I have difficulties due to my health.
        I feel lost right now in all those problems. Thank you for giving me light and hope!


    Hello Shlomo,
    I love your mission statement and looking forward to go there. Material life is interesting and I am sure life beyond is much more fulfilling and peaceful.
    Thank you.

    • Shlomo Friedman

      Thank you Jatinder; It is this kind of feedback wich fuels my engine and keeps me going… you will not be disappointed; “material life” and “life beyond” are not different entities, they live in the same place… It is us, having mind and heart who make those distinctions…

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