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Felicity Saxophonist It was very very long way! I was searching for my Goal than I have found my Door and then I have started to move toward it. Because Universe really loves me, I met a wise man and he gave a me a special gift with all his love. I felt very blessed! I walked a lot and sometimes I made myself some little wounds. A wise man gave me a gold oil to heal my wounds so I could walk more easily to my open door to the world where dreams come true. Where the impossible becomes possible.
Astounded at the beauty I could already see my paradise island on the horizon…The crystal clear turquoise sea, glistened with the sun..


Shlomo Friedman Thank you Felicity, I never change anybody, I just bring out the beauty in Their soul, and you have so much of it…
Felicity Saxophonist But your intention to help and to give is also a reason of a lot of changing in my life. What you are doing is really something beautiful! You are an example of what an unconditional Love is. I am very grateful.

Shlomo FriedmanThank you K.


Hello Mr Shlomo,
Just to let you know I received the bottle of olive oil yesterday. Thank you.
Besides applying the olive oil daily, don’t I have to do anything else?
PS. Your ‘reading’ of my personality is very accurate.

Answer: You have to be “present” during the day, don’t run on “autopilot”. Be aware of your thoughts as much as you can, because those thoughts create your future reality. Set an alarm to go off during the day to “wake you up” and realize where your mind is.

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