It is my personal theory, but I have come a long way to substantiate it. The Whole human is made up of two main parts: The soul and the person.

What does it mean? Well, the person is everything you received at birth. It is you as everybody knows you, it is your thoughts, your body, in short everything not virtual. The soul, on the other hand, is exactly the opposite; it is all virtual. Using a metaphor the soul would be the actor and the person a character he is playing. There is one significant difference between those two in our example; the actor and the character he is playing are not allowed to communicate using any of the five senses; the only way to connect is with feelings and emotions; or the “sixth sense.”

The matching between the soul and the person is random; the soul does not choose what person it will be matched to. Since the soul is a part of what we call God, it knows everything and has total control of our physical body’s health. The soul possesses the power that keeps us alive. Contrary to popular belief the soul does not have a pre-determined purpose in the life cycle with the person, but it can see ALL the potential given to this person at birth. The soul’s mission is to make sure we use every last drop of that potential! How does the soul do it? Since it cannot communicate with us over the five senses, it becomes a formidable task… All those “gut feelings” we get about doing that or not doing the other come from the soul. If we do not “listen” and keep going on a path where our potential is not being utilized the soul will make us either sick or create a dramatic event in our life to get our attention. If we fail to respond by correcting direction the soul will cut us loose…

Since I can see the essence of people by looking at them or their pictures, I can also spot those conflicts. Part of the Healing Olive’s purpose is to identify and correct that mismatch in people’s lives.

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It is an insult to your Self to be born, live and die without knowing the answer to the mystery of why you are here as a human being in the first place… Follow me and we will find the answer... Please read about my opinions on many other issues at

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