The original Healing Olive project is closed now...

I will re-open the Healing Olive during JAN 2021 at the cost of $1,000 for a REALITY CHANGE, including 2 hours of video consultation and a 6 months unconditional refund OR voluntary increase by donation... UP TO YOU.
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If you want to read what current users of the Healing Olive say, have a look here: Healing Olive – Current User Feedback  If you want to see my readings of the pictures  I received to date with your orders (those readings are sent with your personal Healing Olive)   have a look here: Anonymous Personal Letters Sent (UPDATE: July 1st, 2018:  Back in January 2018 I decided to discontinue the Healing Olive project in favor of a new initiative, via videos. You can see my post about it HERE: But because of that post I received many orders,  and I will fulfill this butch during the last 2 weeks of July.) You cab see more on my FB Group page here: Some of my friends are convinced I lost my mind… Others, especially the ones who experienced the reality shift I created for them, are very excited… Some people will do anything in their power to uphold their beliefs. You will find those individuals in the religious orthodoxy or amongst hard core scientists. I  disagree with them, but we are all different, and nobody is right until proven right. Every human is a whole universe and a unique one at that. But then there are those, who like myself, believe there is more to our universe than what we can grasp with our five senses, and to them, I dedicate and address the HEALING OLIVE. If you are one of the later, watch the video and make a Non-logical decision… After all, you got to this point in your life by making all the logical decisions, right? To get to know me better, You may want to see what I write at

What others say?

I would prefer for you to be a believer without looking for proof, but since we are all “just human,” as Mr. Smith says in the Matrix, here is a link to the “User Feedback page”

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How Reality Shift Works In Practice

So you are taking a walk on your lunch hour and to your surprise, a man is standing at the street corner and giving away new iPhones. All you have to do is ask and promise that you will send an email every month for the next six months describing your experience using the iPhone and how it changed your life… Well, this is what I am doing… Except I don’t stand at the street corner, rather I’m at, and it’s not an iPhone I am giving away but something much more valuable… A better reality. To make it very clear right up front: I bear all the costs and DO NOT ask anything of you, just like I said in the video: “You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…” The only action I request from you is to be “present” in your daily life (not on “autopilot”) and notice how your reality is shifting. The other request I have is for you to come back to HEALINGOLIVE.COM at least six times over the next six months and leave feedback about your observations and experiences. (or email it to me) (The Healing Olive is doing much more than healing, but I could not find a better description for it)

Who am I and why am I doing this?

I’m a normative guy just like you… The only difference is that I managed to get access beyond the reality we were all born into and understand what are the forces driving it. I’m doing this to teach others what I have learned and have a stage for my ideas. Your feedback (I know it will be powerful) will create that “stage” for me. Here is the plan: I have one thousand bottles and enough olive oil (from southern Israel, extra virgin and pure) to fill those bottles.  I will limit the amount to one thousand because that should be enough to achieve the goal. I will ship only five Healing Olives per day, excluding Saturdays, so that I can give full attention to everyone asking for it. For those of you who are familiar with the books of the Russian quantum physicist Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing, you will notice that what I am doing here is changing your current “sector” in the “space of variations” to one that has a better reality for you.

This is how It works…

You provide me with a good, current photo of yourself, shipping info, etc. on the order form at the bottom of this page. I will look at your picture and read your current reality. Then I will fill a bottle with the Healing Olive and match it to the reading I got from your picture. I will add a personal message and ship it to you, all prepaid with instructions. Follow the instructions and watch, patiently, how your reality shifts. Keep in mind that anything we would consider a miracle HAS to occur through nature, so if you have an illness and find a new medication that cures it, it is because you have gone to a reality where that remedy exists. This works whether you are a billionaire or the poorest person in town… There is always a better reality to reach. It is important to understand that miracles ALWAYS work through the current reality in a seemingly “natural way.” Here is a real life changing event that happened some years ago to one of my best friends: He hated his job; long hours, low pay, no appreciation for his effort… He wanted to spend more time with family and friends, learn, explore and catch-up on many things he missed in life. In short, he was trapped… Then, one morning while I was in Israel he picked me up from my hotel so we could be together while he was doing his service calls across the country. ( it is a small country…) As we got on the main road, the light turned red, and we stopped.  Without any warning, we were struck by a large SUV whose driver was busy sending an important text message. Not realizing the traffic has stopped for the red light she hit us from behind at full speed without removing her foot from the gas pedal… What happened next is what normally happens next… Police, ambulance, hospital…The car was a write-off. While sitting there in total shock, I  could feel that I was OK… At the hospital, they noticed a tiny crack in my friend’s  spine. (it does not affect him today)  Since he could no longer carry the heavy toolboxes and large stoves, the employer’s insurance company, in accordance with the policy in effect, continues to pay his salary, and he is doing everything he always wanted to do… Looks like a coincidence, right? No, this was an “act’  initiated to move my friend to a “highway” with a reality where his desires can materialize, but like all miracles it was delivered in a “natural” way into his reality.

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